TYE Play started on  a (typically) drizzly  Spring morning back in 2019 on our kitchen table.

We wanted to become a one stop shop where you can find the best things to grow creativity.  


Launching in April with no experience and a spare room taken over by a mountain of Crayola.


We got super lucky that (so far at least) it's worked out better than we could have wished for. It's still just the three of us, and it's safe to say it's been a steep learning curve. We are very proud that we have grown to become one of the most popular and ethical Toy & Craft stores in the UK.

Why Craft Colour Create

What's better than playing? Playing with a purpose. We specialise in Craft Colour Create because (aside from being really fun) it helps develop life long skills:

  • Fine Motor Skills - We've all tried writing with the wrong hand, dreadful at first but the more you practise the better you get. This is because of your brain developing fine motor skills,  the more you get kids colouring and crafting the better these skills develop.

  • Problem Solving Skills - Got a pipe cleaner which is the wrong shape? Getting kids minds to think around a problem is a game changer for future life.

  • Creativity - What starts off as a scribble stuck to the fridge is the first step on the way to becoming the next Picasso. We deal with a lot of artists when we make our own things, one thing they all have in common is their best childhood memories are from being creative.


We could go on for forever about all the benefits and how we choose products specifically to aid development but all you've got to know is no matter what you pick we have got it covered.



2020 saw big changes for everyone and we started to to look at the bigger picture.


 It wasn't lost on us seeing the world change so dramatically and people sacrificing their livelihoods while, through sheer luck, we benefited from a surge in demand. 


This was the start of our commitment to support our community.


We reached out to furloughed Tattoo Artists who now design our artwork, you can find it in our Activity books. 

Our own goods are made exclusively in the UK and every product we buy is either made in the UK or sourced from a UK company.  

We could write pages on our impact but simply put we will leave the planet a better place than we found it.




We waffle a lot about community and we thought it's best to let you know what we mean.

If 2020 has shown us anything it's that our little island is in this together, for better or worse.  We are all intertwined and it's never being more important to support each other.  

We have loads of programmes in mind for 2021, stay tuned for our next community projects.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks


We aren't backed by any investors and its really just the three of us, if we get fortunate enough to expand further we have many plans.

  •  Make new and innovative things - We have thousands of ideas which we want to bring to life! 

  • Remove all single use plastic - This is a biggie for us, we have removed all single use plastic from our Gigantic Craft Box and want to remove it completely from our supply chain.

  • Donate 10% of profits to charity - We don't shy away from the fact we (at least try to be) a profit making company.  What we don't believe in is profit being the end goal, we want to use it to be a force for good.

Congratulation's if you've made it this far! We promise we don't ramble this much in person. All that we have left to say is thank you all for everything.

Much love from the three of us

Josh               Sophie             Nia